“The Kens & Company product range is an artfully curated selection. The studio brings to the market; innovative materials, unique craftsmanship and inspiration for all creative minds!”
— Pallavi Dean, Design Director - Pallavi Dean Interiors

“Kens and Company has been (are) extremely creative, thorough, and efficient in helping our organization with a state of the art interior related products and services, that gives our clients unsurpassed satisfaction they want”
— Robeen R. Kobeen - CASAPRESTIGE

“Kens and Company – are our go to source for one-of-a-kind beautiful products. They have a wide range of specialty finishes and fabrics that add the perfect touch to any project. I love the antique mirrors and the leather etching is amazing. The best part is the service and attention our designers get. One call is all it takes to get the samples you need. Working with professional sales reps in the Middle East makes such a difference”
— Jennifer Childs - DWP

”Kens and Company’s new imaged based website is easy to use and backs up there strong product range and service. This just makes specifying the product even easier”
— Mark Cincotta - DWP

“In our constant search for the unique and beautiful, we discovered Kens and Company - a gem in itself. As refined as the luxurious materials and awe-inspiring craftsmanship it reveals before our eyes, the duo brings to its trade a shared love for exacting quality, uncompromising attention to detail and a kindred spirit to all creative design minds. Kens and Company’s utmost care in bringing the best to our attention at all times, to respond graciously and diligently to queries or requests for samples, to always keep abreast of the latest, most unexpected and delightful, is a most precious ally in our offering our own very best in service and design”
— Marie-Noelle Swiderski - Blanchards

“Extremely attentive and prompt service. Kens and Company always put a lot of effort into finding the exact right products for our projects within our budgets. We love working with them”
— Carolla Simons - id studio

“Kens and Company are a one-stop shop for beautiful, unusual and inspiring products and the responsiveness and friendliness of their service is second to none. They are an absolute pleasure to work with”
— Lulie Fisher - Director Aedas